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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PMMA Class of 2006 Grand Eyeball

All Nautical pls contact Mr Yumang for more details - 09063140744
All Engineering pls contact Mr Azcueta for more details - 092831971

Final venue will be advised 2-3 days before Nov 20.

Pls be advised that it would be a regular, hence normal, dinner. No booze, no drinks, no chiks, only tons of talking =)

We all feel that's time for us to gather again together after quite sometime. Settle all indiffirences, and bond more tightly as ever. Hope that every one on vacation would make it. We're counting on all of you guys... Basta cro-pobrie kita nung 2006, KASAMA KA!!! =)) God bless all 2006

Welcome to P M M A 2006 Class Site.... Bunkmate!!! enjoy your stay!
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