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Call the Mate

If the ship begins to roll, Call the mate
If the cook runs out of coal, Call the mate
If the old man goes to bed,
If you see a squall ahead,
If you need a sounding lead, Call the mate

If the running lights go out, Call the mate
If your latitudes in doubt, Call the mate
If the wind begins to howl,
If the sailors start to growl,
If the whistle string gets foul, Call the mate

If you’re coming into port, Call the mate
If the midnight lunch runs short, Call the mate
If the cargo starts to shift,
If the work boat goes adrift,
If the fog begins to lift, Call the mate

If you want to drop the hook, Call the mate
If you’re looking for the cook, Call the mate
If the Chief can’t give the steam,
If the mess boy has no cream,
If see a light a beam, Call the mate

If you need the crew, Call the mate
If the gangway is a wreck, Call the mate
If the skippers on the blink,
If a load falls in the drink,
If you don’t know what to think, Call the mate

Yeah-that’s who the fall guy is, it’s the mate
All the petty grief’s are his,
Yep-The mate,
And at that the poor old bird,
Never gets a pleasant word,
Thank the Lord I’m just the third,
Not the mate!

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PMMA Class of 2006 1st Official Grand Eyeball

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PMMA Class of 2006 Grand Eyeball

All Nautical pls contact Mr Yumang for more details - 09063140744
All Engineering pls contact Mr Azcueta for more details - 092831971

Final venue will be advised 2-3 days before Nov 20.

Pls be advised that it would be a regular, hence normal, dinner. No booze, no drinks, no chiks, only tons of talking =)

We all feel that's time for us to gather again together after quite sometime. Settle all indiffirences, and bond more tightly as ever. Hope that every one on vacation would make it. We're counting on all of you guys... Basta cro-pobrie kita nung 2006, KASAMA KA!!! =)) God bless all 2006

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Shipmate for the month of October


Birthday: July 18, 1983
"If you don't believe in yourself, No one else will"
- Kobr Bryant
Orgs/ Positions/ Awards
Various Civic & Military Parades Participant * Proceeding Committee

To my parents, I know that I bring you happiness and pride, but I don't know how to return the love & support that you have given me. If there's one lucky person in the world, it would be me for I have the best parents in the world. I owe all of this to you.

To my Ate Izel & Kuya Jay, Maraming Salamat! You both showed me the realities of life. Thanks for helping me solve my problems. I love you!

To my Aunties and Uncles who have always supported me & my family; to my cousins specially Kuya Allan, Willie, Raul, Arben, Onad, Richard, Mario, Ate Nimfa, Amy , Gina, Ne, Sally, Baby and others; thank you very much!

To my friends; Pipoy, Atami, Puroy, Gilbert, Rico, Ton2, Adnan, Sen, Ryan, Roroybading, Ilay, JR, Tutong, Atong, Len, Karen,Eds, Mae, Bday, Annalyn, Mercy, Izay, and Cristy...

Maraming Salamat!!!

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This site is not only about job listings, but it's also about helping seafarers use the tools in this site to increase their knowledge, maintain certifications , and even reach for advancement in their maritime profession. is an excellent resource for both Seafarers and shipping companies alike.

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Sports Organization

1cl Raguindin,
Malapit, Pinkihan, Immatong A, Calibjo, Padios

Cattiling, Managtag, Ong, Pagal, Madayag, Seriosa, Fran, Talosig

Sunico, Ymasa, Tolete, Dellosde, Ballacay, Famucol, Caberto


Fernandez, Caballero

Dispo, Fagyan

1cl Tonelada, Bagano, Ramirez, Lengwa, Coloma, Madio, Hangdaan, Canonizado, Ventura, Mi-ing

cl Mendaranos, Lenghay, Biswayan, Fernando

4cl Brillantes

1cl De leon, Hierco, Desampardo, Acierto, Dy, Garabillo, Reyes Me, Manalo, Zorilla

3cl Es

1cl Moncogong, Magno, Abulencia

4cl Soriano

1cl Zuniga, Dinamling, Saludario, Villamil

4cl Bitabit

1cl Bascoguin, Portacin, Dela Cruz P, Gascon

3cl Reyes, Cereno, Solivio, Navor, Page

4cl Pacubas, Codamon, Olleras, Engaño, Jamolo, Galon, Ichon

Sepak Takraw
1cl Bulseco, Cordero, Manzano

3cl De Vicente, Bundal, Solomon

4cl Cos, Antolin, Jalagna, Cordero, Plantinos

Table Tennis
1cl Moleño,

3cl Orbita, Urlanda,

4cl Cataganan

1cl Rabara, Padua, Gutierrez, Rico

3cl Rodriguez, Nucum, Pitao, Galanza

4cl Bisa, Garcia, Lagradilla

1cl Taburada, Ditona, Torato, Guinid, Solomon, Balandang, Magallon

3cl Dela Cruz
Gines, De Chaves

4cl Abuedo, Prado

1cl Mijares, Parel, Lumayaga

3cl Solares, Bagano, Saavedra, Villanueva

4cl Bola, Bunagan, Takayeng, Pawid, Flores, Diaz, Hipona, Aroy

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State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association-Philippines

SUC Olympic III - Central Luzon

The State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) is one of the inter-collegiate sports associations in the Philippines closely related to UAAP, is the union of six major state colleges and universities in Metro Manila.

The organization was established as the State Colleges Athletic Association (SCAA) in 1953 encompassing the Philippine Normal College (now Philippine Normal University or PNU), Central Luzon Agricultural College (CLAC), (now Central Luzon State University or CLSU), and the Philippine College of Commerce (now Polytechnic University of the Philippines or PUP).

SCAA saw itself transformed into SCUAA in the 1970s when PCC and the Philippine College of Arts and Trades (now Technological University of the Philippines or TUP) a member school since 1959, converted into a university.

Despite many years of challenges in the forefront, SCUAA was able to gain ground in various regions in the country through the creation of regional or satellite SCUAA, hence the establishment of a National SCUAA in the mid-1980s. Two years after, the first National SCUAA was held with member state colleges and universities from Regions I, IV, V, VIII, and NCR participating.

Bulacan State UniversityBulSU Gold GearsState1904Maroon and GoldMalolos, Bulacan
Ramon Magsaysay Technological UniversityRMTU HeatsState1998BlueIba, Zambales
Philippine State College of AeronauticsPhilSCA Iron EaglesState1967
Floridablanca, Pampanga
Nueva Ecija University of Science and TechnologyNEUST PhoenixState1929Blue and GoldCabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
Tarlac State UniversityTSU MaroonsState1906Maroon and GoldTarlac City, Tarlac
Tarlac College of AgricultureTCA JetsState
Green and WhiteCamiling, Tarlac
Pampanga Agricultural CollegePAC EnforcersState

Magalang, Pampanga
Central Luzon State UniversityCLSU KnightsState1907Green and WhiteMunoz, Nueva Ecija
Bataan Peninsula State UniversityBPSU DolphinsState2008Red and WhiteBalanga, Bataan
Aurora State College of TechnologyASCoT StallionsState
Gold and WhiteBaler, Aurora
Philippine Merchant Marine AcademyPMMA MarinesState1820Blue and White
San Narciso, Zambales
Don Honorio Ventura Technological State UniversityDHVTSU WildcatsState1861
Bacolor, Pampanga
Bulacan Agricultural State CollegeBASC Soaring HawksState


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Shipmate for the month of September


Birthday July 25, 1983

"The Game is to be played, not to be told..."


Silent Drill Company * Helm Committee Treasurer * Computer Society - Treasurer * Circle of Knights Society * Graduation Committee * Section Marcher - Australia Section * (2004 1st Sem ) Indian Section (2004) * Table Commander # 28 * Single for Christ - Internal Vice Chairman * CIRPS Participants *

To my parents, Mrs Elena B. Santos and the late Mr. Manuel J. Santos, whose undying love, support, care and guidance brought me here, this is for you...
To my brother Butch, Jojo & Neil; sisters Cecille , Mec & Pao; and the whole SANTOS FAMILY, for your concern ;
To my love one Elizabeth, and to the Bonglalos Family for giving me their love and care;
To my Instructors. Mrs. Bautista of PCS & Ms. Inong for their kindness and moral support;
To all the people who helped me and those who made me stronger;
Lastly , to God Almighty who has always showered me his loving grace and mercy, for lending me this life and giving me the strength to withstand the challenges the world has already given and is about to give;
To all of you, thank you very much. God Bless!!!

with my wife Beth and our baby Polaris Meissha

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2010 Commemorative Plate


Please be advised, that you may now start placing your order for The PMMAAAI Commemorative Plate which will be available soon.
Pirce of the commemorative plasta is PHP 3,000.00. Proceeds proceeds from this fund raising endeavor of the association will benefit The PMMAAAI Alumni House Project and other various project.

We look forward to your usual support that you always accorded us.

For orders please download order form HERE and submit a photocopy of current vehicle O.R. and C.R.

for more information visit

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Philippine Merchant Marine Academy Alumni Association

Philippine Merchant Marine Academy Alumni Association, Inc.
PMMAAAI Board of Directors
request the honor of your presence on the ocassion of
PMMAAAI @ 41st and Fellowship Night 2010

"Anniversary Celebration of the Association"
Friday, 27th, August 2010, 1800H
Le Salon, Hyatt Hotel And Casino
Pedro Gil St., Malate, Manila

Attire : Semi-formal
Ticket Price : Php 1,000.00/net
For ticket inquiries:
Please contact the PMMAAAI Secretariat at the following contact Nos.
379 -9422 ; 353 - 1732 ; 482 -2910
We accept ticket reservation. ...

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Shipmate for the month of August


Birthday: APRIL 25, 1985

"The worst thing that can happen in life is not to fall but not to try and regretting forever the possibility of success. Believe while other doubt; act while other wait; win while other watch."


* Steering Committee * Delta First Platoon Leader * Assistant Section Marcher - 1st cl * Star Cadet - 2nd Sem / 3cl * Best Battalion/ Company - Aquanintance /Valentines Party - 3cl *

In every task, there always be an end. After the long struggle, all the sufferings, pain and loneliness, I am proud to say that half of it is done and the rest is yet to come. Chances brought me into position that I once wished for. In PMMA I learned a lot of things, wherever I may be in the future, it will always be in my heart and mind.

To my parents, I couldn't find the right words to show my appreciation for all the things you've done for me. SALAMAT PO! To my dear brothers and sisters, thank you for your support.

To my mentors, relatives, friends, bunkmates, I am pleased to have met you all. Thank you for everything you share me.

Above all, to our Almighty God for his unending love, that kept me flourishing in my own existence; I wouldn't be in this stage in life without your will.


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Visit to Hikawa Maru

Hikawa Maru (氷川丸) is a Japanese ocean liner that was built for the Nippon Yusen KK line by the Yokohama Dock Company. She was launched on 30 September 1929, and made her maiden voyage from Kobe to Seattle on 13 May 1930.She is one of three sister ships, all named after important Shinto shrines, Hikawa Shrine being located in Saitama. The other two, both lost in the war, were Heian Maru and Hie Maru.
The service provided on the ship was famous for combining splendid food and beautiful art deco interiors. She was often referred to as the Queen of the Pacific. Charlie Chaplin and Kano Jigoro (founder of Judo) are amongst the ship's more notable former passengers.

Hikawa Maru as a Hospital Ship, After Japan's entry to the war Hikawa Maru became a hospital ship, and as a result, she ultimately survived the Allied campaign against the Japanese merchant fleet. After the end of the war she was used by the U.S. for troop repatriation until 1947.Afterwards the Hikawa Maru was returned to Japan and carried cargo between Japan and the US.
In 1954 she was taken out of service, but following a refit she returned to carrying passengers across the Pacific. Falling passenger numbers due to the growth of air travel led to the eventual termination of the service in 1960.

In 1961 Hikawa Maru became a floating youth hostel and museum permanently berthed at Yokohama.
In December 2006 the Hikawa Maru museum was closed and doubts about her future were raised. Happily, NYK Line began the restoration of the Hikawa Maru in August 2007, and the ship was reopened to the public on 25 April 2008, the vessel's 78th birthday.

for more information about M.S. Hikawa Maru visit

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