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Reden Jester Guzman Zorilla

"It doesn't matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you stand and continue"


Silent Drill Company - 1st Platoon Guide Black Element * Debate and Argumentation Society * Battalion Commander * Section Marcher - OTTO Section * Various Civic and Military Parade Participant * Best Battalion * Best Company * Basketball Player - SCUAA 05'

I give my deepest gratitude vo my Papa and Mama. For without them, I shouldn't be writing this text for this precious helm book. Pa, thanks for the challenge you gave me! You asked me once, "Can you do it?, well, here I am now telling you. "Kayak Pa!"To mama, thank you for your unconditional love. To my brother Dhel and sister Jhen, who gave me the courage to face the world. Ägyamanak Unay Ading Ko!"and I will always be your manong Dhen2.

To my family, Karen and Jhecko, and of course to Jheck2; thanks for coming into my life. You make me complete! I love you so much!!!

I also thank my uncles, aunties, cousins and relatives. To manong Bert and Family; thank you for your help, advices and the laughter that we had.

To my seniors and bunkmates. thank you for molding me.

To mighty OTTO, ooohhahhh! - salamat sa lahat ng kulitan. To my company, and to the pioneer crew of MV REALMAR, C/E Jun '88, 2/E Dacsil '85 and E/O Felices; I also owe this to you. Thanks for showing me the world!!! To my friends, barkadas and fans; than ks for everything.

Above all, to Almighty God; without you, I shouldn't be thanking these people.

Thanks for giving me a space here on earth. You made me!!!


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