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Class 2006 Our Story? (The Year of the Tiger) part 2

During this time, the burden of being the Silent Drill Company member is an unwritten duty that we must uphold. The embodiment of the rifle and the great Stallion way is not an easy business. The astronomical twilight wake up calls (early reveille), the demurrage - payable side straddle ups and relevant exercises, the equatorial heat of the sun and the curtailed liberty are just simple "privileges" that "crackers" share and enjoy. Thus worthy to be called; "THE FEW AND THE PROUD..." men of the PMMA.

A month passed and we held the Annual Acquaintance Party, but this time, we were a little bit more comfortable to be with guests since we were no longer thin on top. Moreover, the month was very hectic due to the incoming first semester final examination.

Our semestral break came. It could not be definitely called a break because most of us spent it in "Safety of Life at Sea" (SOLAS) training courses. This was for our shipboard training. Some of us also procured important documents such as clearances, passport, and seaman's books as preparation for our shipboard training after the school year. The case that semestral break brings did not satiate the contortions on our faces to our stressful semester, yet our satisfaction gauge calibrated to appreciate even a minute of comfort and cheers, a fraction of an already divided day to rest means a lot.

Christmas season arrived; we had a Christmas Party without the beer busting. Christmas break then commenced. Most of us spent the Yultide season with our families and loved ones back home. We made the most out of this opportunity to enjoy every moment since we knew we would be spending our next Christmas and New Year's day in the middle of the ocean thousands of miles away....

to be continue....

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Class 2006 Our Story? (The Year of the Tiger) part 1

The Year of the Tiger
(third class year)

Pondering about the past that lies in the depth of hardships and struggles shortened the chain that lies down from the torrents of our hearts as we tried to unfathom the seafloor of our fate as thirdclassmen. The responsibilities that lie on our shoulders that brought on a situation just like the crew of Odyseus in close encounters with our life Scylla and Charybdis - the king and the lowest mammals. Our eager and hungry eyes snipe like that of a tiger to any bald headed bug in our vicinity yet cautious enough to camouflage from the kings who hunt for prey, in short we are caught between two rocks, one of it is our hunger to instill our authority and power to the poor ducrots we have in sight and the other one is the fear for the upperclassmen who have their cravings for the taste of thirdclassmen.

As a normal activity of the year, the class of 2003, after finishing their summer ship board training (SST) commonly known as NS - 43, came back to the Academy for graduation. They were once our firstclassmen who taught us the consequence of an offense the patience in panic-stricken seconds, the triple - O and many others. The blood past has gone, an avenue of the PMMA way which many trudged but only a few managed to cross.

to be continue....

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Shipmate for the month of December

pasig city
birthday: march 19, 1985
company: NYK


Honorboard chairman * Sword Sponsor * Helm 2006 external - vice chairman * Debate and Argumentation Society * Kabataang Pangarap ni Rizal * Orientaiton Staff (2007) * star cadet...

previous vessel: mv acacia
present vessel: mt takamine

If there is one who deserves this dedication, it is God..

I also dedicate this milestone to my family and relatives, especially to my Mom and Dad, and my sister, whose love, care and guidance brought me to the pinnacle of happiness and fulfillment. Without you, my life would have been meaningless and hollow.
To my bunkmates, especially to Saturn Section; to the pillars of the
academy in Bravo company, my NYK family, underclassmen, friends, and all those who put meaning to my life, thank you very much!

To everyone, thank you and God Bless..

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