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Crude Oil Tanker Training / COW Training - Singapore

From Left to Right : Jexzer, Yamaguchi, Navjot, Capt. Bali, Aya, Michael, Kasamatsu

Conducted From 13th -24th October 2008 at NYK SHIPMANAGEMENT PTE LTD, Singapore

Crude Oil Tanker Training/COW Training

  • Construction & Equipment of VLCC
  • Basic Knowledge of Cargo Operation Including COW
  • Basic Safety Knowledge of an VLCC
  • Basic Knowledge of Principal and Operations of Pumps
  • Familiarization of Cargo Plan
  • Familiarization of the Usage of Loading Computer
  • Loading Operation (Simulator Training)
  • Unloading Operation (Simulator Training)

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It is designed for use in areas beyond the reach of landlines or cellular signals. Smart Link provides reliable and affordable means of communication to people in remote areas within Asia-Pacific, the Indian Ocean, Middle East, and Africa.

Here are the channel change or channel lock-in procudures for both ACeS Garuda and INMARSAT I4 F1. Please note that there are separate channel number maps for each satellite. You may download the maps through the links below (right click and select "Save as")

ACeS Garuda Channel Number Map

INMARSAT Channel Number Map

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Boating Knots

Boating Knots Expert...

Two Half Hitches

This reliable knot is quickly tied and is the hitch most often used in mooring. To tie:

  • * Pass the end of a rope around a post or other object.
  • * Wrap the short end of rope under and over the long part of rope, pushing the end down through the loop. This is a half hitch.
  • * Repeat on the long rope, below first half hitch, and draw tight.

This knot does
not jam or slip when tied properly. To tie:
  • * Make the overhand loop with the end held toward you, then pass the end through the loop.
  • * Now, pass the end up behind the standing part, then down through the loop again.
  • * Draw tight.

Figure Eight
This knot is ideal for keeping the end of a rope from running out of a tackle or pulley. To tie:
  • * Make an underhand loop, bringing the end around and over the standing part.
  • * Pass the rope end under, then up through the loop.
  • * Draw tight.

Square Knot
This knot is used at sea for reefing and furling sails. To tie:

  • * Pass the left end of the rope over and under the right end. Curve what is now the left end toward the right, and cross what is now the right end over and under the left.
  • * Draw tight.

Anchor Bend
This knot is used to secure a rope or a line to an anchor. To tie:

  • *Pass two loops through a ring.
  • * Place the free end around a standing line.
  • * Pass the free end through loops.
  • * Complete by making a half hitch.

Clove Hitch

This knot is a general utility hitch for when you need a quick, simple method of fastening a rope around a post, spar or stake. To tie:
  • * Make a turn with the rope around the object and over itself.
  • * Take a second turn with the rope around the object.
  • * Pull the end up under the second turn so it is between the rope and the object; tighten by pulling on both ends.

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Shipmate for the Month of October

BITHDAY: JUNE 12, 1982

* Silent Drill Company* PMMA building Club* Debate and Argumentation Society* Alpha 2nd Platoon Leader* PMMA Choir Chairman* 1st Place on Blue Ribbon In Science Fair* CIRPS Participant 4CL, 3CL, and 1CL*

"Ïn life, the true success cannot be measured in wealth but how you help others with all your heart without asking for anything""

I dedicate this, first of all to the Almighty God, For giving me strength, determination, and the will to survive my struggles.

To my parents Ma and Pa, at long last I made it!

To my brother and sisters. Ate Rhea, Raiza, Kent, Cyrus and Regine; To my grandparents who always prayed for my success; and to my relatives, friends, teachers and classmates, thank you very much.

Lastly, to my Beloved Jennifer, who was been my partner since childhood. Thanks. You inspired me and you never left me.

To all, this is for you. Thank you very much...

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