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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Birthday July 25, 1983

"The Game is to be played, not to be told..."


Silent Drill Company * Helm Committee Treasurer * Computer Society - Treasurer * Circle of Knights Society * Graduation Committee * Section Marcher - Australia Section * (2004 1st Sem ) Indian Section (2004) * Table Commander # 28 * Single for Christ - Internal Vice Chairman * CIRPS Participants *

To my parents, Mrs Elena B. Santos and the late Mr. Manuel J. Santos, whose undying love, support, care and guidance brought me here, this is for you...
To my brother Butch, Jojo & Neil; sisters Cecille , Mec & Pao; and the whole SANTOS FAMILY, for your concern ;
To my love one Elizabeth, and to the Bonglalos Family for giving me their love and care;
To my Instructors. Mrs. Bautista of PCS & Ms. Inong for their kindness and moral support;
To all the people who helped me and those who made me stronger;
Lastly , to God Almighty who has always showered me his loving grace and mercy, for lending me this life and giving me the strength to withstand the challenges the world has already given and is about to give;
To all of you, thank you very much. God Bless!!!

with my wife Beth and our baby Polaris Meissha

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