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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shipmate for the Month of October

BITHDAY: JUNE 12, 1982

* Silent Drill Company* PMMA building Club* Debate and Argumentation Society* Alpha 2nd Platoon Leader* PMMA Choir Chairman* 1st Place on Blue Ribbon In Science Fair* CIRPS Participant 4CL, 3CL, and 1CL*

"Ïn life, the true success cannot be measured in wealth but how you help others with all your heart without asking for anything""

I dedicate this, first of all to the Almighty God, For giving me strength, determination, and the will to survive my struggles.

To my parents Ma and Pa, at long last I made it!

To my brother and sisters. Ate Rhea, Raiza, Kent, Cyrus and Regine; To my grandparents who always prayed for my success; and to my relatives, friends, teachers and classmates, thank you very much.

Lastly, to my Beloved Jennifer, who was been my partner since childhood. Thanks. You inspired me and you never left me.

To all, this is for you. Thank you very much...

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