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Birthday: sEPTEMBER 5, 1984

"They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this word: Someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for." -TOM BODETT

Silent Drill Company * Best Quarters * Best Battalion * Best Company

Another glorious chapter of my life has come to an end.
Words are never enough to express how thankful I am to those who have contributed to the nature of my existence.
The source of all, our dear God for the guidance that made me take the right path of my life's journey.

I dedicate all of this to my Mommy and Daddy, for their everlasting support. To my Lola, Kuya and Katrin for the love, trust and prayers, To Lee Ann who serves as my inspiration , for the love and strength that you gave me when everything seemed too difficult to handle, and for sharing all the great lessons in life and companionship. I will cherish and value this forever.


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Going back to my Alma Mater

Going back to my Alma Mater

The faces may change, but the feeling’s still the same
24th of August 2009... Monday

It was a blast going back for the first time since I graduated 3 years ago. It took me the whole afternoon walking around the academy and photographing the old and new buildings, places where I have fond memories of.

A visit to PMMA enabled me to see my former home for three years, from the Admin to the Academic building, to Mess hall next to the battalion, and to the Quarter deck.

My Alma mater has changed since I graduated but the beauty of it, plus the friendliness of the people remain.!

Why after all this year I came back here? Not because I will apply as tactical officer or instructor, nor I am getting married and in need of a sword sponsor. The real reason is…

That after almost 3 years from graduation, I finally got my DIPLOMA…

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PMMA 2006 Friendster Account

Check out and Join our friendster account!!!

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PMMA Entrance Examination

For more Information visit PMMA Official website: WWW.PMMA.EDU.PH

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Noise all over the surroundings is present;
Their sounds are all erring to my ear.
But there’s one tune that caught my awareness.
The sounds of dough, the call of the sea.

As I listened to its tricky tune,
It drove me closer to its source of power.
It neither looks as a flamenco or a mambo;
But it made me dance “loca” by its enticing songs.

Here comes the prelude:
Songs of disparage, songs of yell;
But it seems that its music really haunts me.

Two years of untiring strain
Same old tune and same old pitch
And here comes the sound of the waves, the winds;
And finally, the sea.

After various unchained melodies,
I thought I’ll already go back with a sweet tune to see.
But all of a sudden on my certainty,
“Unevitable changes” in my Academy.

“Many were called but few were chosen”
To sing with the music of the midshipmen’s hymn.
The coda is now playing so let us all be reminded,
That whatever things may have gone onto our way,
The last stanza of our life here in the Academy;
Only means a new sound track of our lives as PMMAers, future to be.

Rodcyn V. Yumang
Saturn Section

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PMMA relentlessly doing its best to keep pace with change, it employs all the indispensable strategies including creativeness and innovation to achieve its vision. Consequently, at the dawn of the 21st century the PMMA Training Center, a "one stop shop" training center had been put into the drawing board.

The fate destined the pursuance of this project that after a short while the Financial Cooperation between the German Government and the Philippines has been approved. PMMA Training Center development site has been funded, modern simulator has been acquired and safety center has been built, to cater the maritime education and training of the Filipino seafarers.

All the training courses prescribed by the relevant international conventions, national, flag state and shipping companies requirements are offered by the PMMA training center. In addition, it could develop courses suitable to the training needs of the costumers.

The STCW 95 requirements as to the competence based training and assessment has been complied with this one stop shop training center, because it employs virtual reality, the most effective learning aids i.e. the simulator.

The successful fortification of PMMA training center will nurture the Filipino seafarer to remain competitive in terms of competence, skills and discipline. Thus, increase international acceptance and boast the national economy.

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Shipmate for the Month of AUGUST


NOVEMBER 18, 1982


Sword Sponsor * Singles for Christ * Section Marcher 4CL* Table Comander* N4 1st Battalion (Orientation Period)* Group Leader (2006 Science & Art Fair) Red Ribbon Award* Best Battalion (1cl, 3cl 4cl)* Best Company ( 1cl, 3cl, 4cl)* *Various Civic & Military Parades Participant * Soccer Team (Intrams '05) 2nd Place (3Cl)*

"In the ashes of my monumental failure will raise the empire of my success."

"Success belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

As I reach the paramount of my struggles and sacrifices, I thank God Almighty for being my strength in conquering the four corners of this institution. To My parents who served ass my inspiration to make all of this happen, "Nay, Tay para sa inyo ni," To my Tito's and Tita's, I dedicate this to all of you.

To my brothers and sister who helped me pursue what I've started; to my friends and bunkmates "Mate carry on, ensign na!"; to my Dear Lola, "La, sa katapusan natapos ko na gid man"; to my mentors who taught me and specially to our creator who made all this possible, Your love oh Lord means more than life to me.

To all of you, Maraming Maraming Salamat Po!

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