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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shipmate for the month of December

pasig city
birthday: march 19, 1985
company: NYK


Honorboard chairman * Sword Sponsor * Helm 2006 external - vice chairman * Debate and Argumentation Society * Kabataang Pangarap ni Rizal * Orientaiton Staff (2007) * star cadet...

previous vessel: mv acacia
present vessel: mt takamine

If there is one who deserves this dedication, it is God..

I also dedicate this milestone to my family and relatives, especially to my Mom and Dad, and my sister, whose love, care and guidance brought me to the pinnacle of happiness and fulfillment. Without you, my life would have been meaningless and hollow.
To my bunkmates, especially to Saturn Section; to the pillars of the
academy in Bravo company, my NYK family, underclassmen, friends, and all those who put meaning to my life, thank you very much!

To everyone, thank you and God Bless..

Welcome to P M M A 2006 Class Site.... Bunkmate!!! enjoy your stay!
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